Guest Rooms

Guest Rooms

Various types of guest rooms are available at Tokyo Asakusabashi Belmont Hotel, including single, double, twin, triple and Japanese-style.
Get a great night’s sleep with one of our high-quality coil beds (Simmons or Japanese maker).

All rooms on the 3rd and 4th floors are non-smoking rooms.
We welcome large groups so please feel free to contact us.

Enjoy a relaxing stay at Tokyo Asakusabashi Belmont Hotel


【Rooms】16 rooms
【Bed width】130cm x 200cm




【Rooms】8 rooms
【Bed width】130cm x 200cm

Deluxe single / semi-double

【Rooms】26 rooms
【Bed width】130cm x 200cm
* Studio twin available(sofa bed)

Standard twin

【Rooms】20 rooms
【Bed width】121cm x 210cm




【Rooms】4 rooms
【Bed width】121cm x 200cm
1 bed is an extra bed.

Four bedroom

【Rooms】6 rooms
【Bed width】121cm x 200cm
2 beds are extra beds.

Japanese style (7.5 tatami mats)

【Rooms】2 rooms
【Area】7.5 tatami mats
【Note】All rooms have the view
of Kandagawa.


Japanese style (17.5 tatami mats)

【Rooms】1 room
【Area】17.5 tatami mats
【Note】You will be able to see the Sky Tree
from this room.

* Please contact us by phone for reservation.

amenities / facilities

  • Guestroom amenities
    bath towel, face towel, floor mat, rinse/shampoo (wall-hanging type),
    body soap (wall-hanging type), toothbrush set, razor, yukata, slippers
  • Facilities, equipment
    all rooms have bath / toilet, bidet system, dryer, TV, electric kettle, closet,
    cups (facial x 1, drinking x 1), high-speed internet connection
    all buildings able to receive cell phones and PHS signals

3rd, 4th floors are all non-smoking rooms
TV= commercial broadcasting (channel 5), NHK, NHK Education, VOD (charged)

The refrigerator is empty (you may bring your own food/drinks)


  • Amenities available at the front desk
    nail clippers, light stand, pants press, humidifier, iron, sewing set

Rates & Basic Information

Fee per person

Room TypeArea1 guest2 guests3 guests
(Single A)
12m²9,000 yen10,000 yen※1-
Deluxe Single
(Single B)
17m²10,400 yen13,900 yen※2-
(Double A)
14m²9,400 yen11,500 yen-
Semi Double
(Double B)
17m²10,400 yen13,900 yen-
Standard Twin
(Twin A)
17m²10,400 yen17,000 yen-
(Twin B)
24m²10,400 yen19,000 yen22,500 yen※3
Four Bedroom
(Twin C)
30m²10,400 yen19,000 yen22,500 yen※3
Japanese style
7.5~16 tatami mats10,400 yen19,000 yen22,500 yen※4

changed on 1st April, 2004

※1Can be used for semi double.
※2Uses a sofa bed.
※3We will charge 3,500 yen per person for more than 3 guests. 4 guests is the maximum.
※4We will charge 3,500 yen per person for more than 3 guests. 8 guests is the maximum.

The fee above includes the service and tax fee.
The fee may change. Thank you for your understanding.
Check-in: 4:00pm / Check-out: 10:00am


Check-out timeExtension
12:00pm (noon)30% of the usual accommodation fee
3:00pm50% of the usual accommodation fee
6:00pm80% of the usual accommodation fee
After 6:00pm100% of the usual accommodation fee

Accepted credit cards


Other services

Free rental: pants presser, sewing set, nail cutter, time table, tourism magazines
Charged: copy, FAX, cleaning, massage, delivery

Other information

There are many coin-parking areas around the hotel so please feel free to use them.
8:00am – 10:00pm 100yen / 15mins
10:00pm – 8:00am 100yen / 60 mins